Welcome to A.C.E.!

A.C.E. is an acronym for Archways & Ceilings Expert, which is our online sales and training program. It's our opinion that a good salesman is a knowledgeable salesman. While selling built-to-order archway and ceiling kits isn't rocket science, it's not like selling doors, windows, or anything else you've sold. While it might look easy, you'll be pleasantly surprised how much A.C.E. will teach you. Within a few hours you'll be talking like a pro. You'll easily be able to communicate with customers and be prepared to handle tough questions and make good recommendations.

To access our A.C.E. program, you'll need a user name and password. If you already have these, then let's get going or pick up where you left off. If you don't already have these, then contact our office toll free at 855-ARCHPRO or email us at ace@archkit.com and we will get you squared away.

Handyman Matt
Matthew Scott, A.C.E.