Groin Vault Cross in Master Bedroom

Groined Vault: 5 Q&As if it’s Right for Your Next Project

Whether you’ve just started to think about groined vault ceilings or possibly other decorative ceilings, you probably have a few questions. I can certainly help clear things up for you. In this post, I’m going to specifically explore the groined vault, but if you’re wondering about any other type of ceiling, feel free to browse […]

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Hallway Ceiling Domes

Ceiling Domes Simplified l New Consruction and Remodels

Ceiling Domes Add Sophistication To A Home Have you ever seen celebrity homes in magazines or in television shows and wished you could have the same majestic ceiling domes they have in their opulent estates?  Well, now you can!  With a ceiling dome kit from, you can add a lot of luxury to your […]

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Master Bedroom Cove Ceiling

Cove Ceiling Design Could Truly Be The Hottest Thing For Any Season!

Spring Color Forecast Is Pastels With A Touch Of Cove Ceiling Design Bonjour!  I’m Designer Shanti.  As a designer of fashion and home collections, I have to be in touch with fashion and home collection forecasting.  The spring 2014 fashion shows have come to a close this July and after jet setting around the globe, […]

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